My name is Stacy, but I am better known as Sibs. I'm from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and no, I'm not from Canada! (Google: Yooper) At fifteen I began this wonderful journey in the world of design. My passion has only grown as I have learned to push the boundaries of the traditional elements of design. I specialize in finding an organized chaos between grid structure and disorder. There is not a hex code I dislike, but I also have a fascination with all things 000000 and FFFFFF.


My work will show a deep desire to make an impact. I strive to make decisions that are thoughtful, significant and insightful. My creative process is enhanced by my surroundings. I find influence in many things. In fact this website was inspired by my favorite pair of kicks.


When I am not designing I continue to find inspiration enjoying time spent outside: especially if it's playing tennis or softball.  Photography is another creative outlet for me. My Canon rebel is my weapon of choice, watch out or I’ll shoot! I also enjoy making jewelry and am an avid instagrammer. I think Ellen Degeneres says it best: "Be kind to one another."